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US and World News, NBC six South Florida

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53 minutes ago

A plan President Donald Trump is expected to announce to liquidate a shield from deportation for youthful immigrants brought to the country illegally as children is being embraced by some top Republicans and denounced.

Monday, Sep Four, 2017

Harvey has scrambled the equation for Congress as lawmakers get ready to come back to Washington on Tuesday after a five-week summer recess. A daunting workload awaits, including funding the government by month’s.

37 minutes ago

Sanctions on North Korea have been attempted, and failed. Serious negotiations seem like a pipedream. And any military strike would almost surely bring mass devastation and horrific civilian casualties. The.

33 minutes ago

Hurricane observes and warnings were in effect in the Caribbean as Hurricane Irma remained a powerful Category four storm Monday, while there was an enhancing chance South Florida could see impacts from the storm.

Monday, Sep Four, 2017

North Korea’s leader is “begging for war,” the U.S. ambassador said Monday at an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council, as members called for penalizing the country with even stronger sanctions for.

‘Enough Is Enough’: US Envoy Pleads for Act Against N. Korea

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley addressed the Security Council on Monday, telling North Korea’s latest nuclear test display that the country is “begging for war.” She added that other nations must.


Monday, Sep Four, 2017

Harvey Deaths Rise to forty eight as Victims Face Dire Housing Needs

While the number of evacuees seeking refuge in Houston’s emergency shelters dwindled ten days after Harvey struck, many people who had left by Monday still faced dire housing needs. Some returned to public.

how to help

Thursday, Aug 31, 2017

How to Help the Groups Responding to Harvey

The American Crimson Cross and other organizations are accepting donations to help those affected by Tropical Storm Harvey, which is still dumping rain on the Houston area in southeast Texas Monday morning. Harvey.


Tuesday, Sep Five, 2017

Calif. Woman Driving ‘Ark’ Utter of Donations to Houston

Thousands were rescued after Hurricane Harvey battered the Gulf Coast, but thousands of evacuees are still facing dire housing needs. In an effort to aid the victims, one Southern California woman is driving her.


Tuesday, Sep Five, 2017

Storied NY Tabloid Daily News Sold to Tribune Spin Off

Newspaper publisher Tronc has acquired the Daily News, a storied Fresh York tabloid newspaper that won a Pulitzer Prize this year but has been buffeted by the switching media environment. Chicago-based Tronc Inc.

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