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Ten Car Clubs In Malaysia That Will Turn You Into a Car Enthusiast: Because Everyone Has A Story To Tell

Ten Car Clubs In Malaysia That Will Turn You Into a Car Enthusiast

*Disclaimer: We apologize for the confusion, this is a top five list of car clubs in Malaysia.

Do let us know who else we’ve missed out on!

It’s pretty effortless to spot a car junkie, from their car stickers to modifications and exclamations of love towards their vehicle.

If you’re one of them, there’s also a high chance that your baby is your car, and bonding with other car enthusiasts is a must. Here we’ve arranged some of the existing car clubs you should check out if you’re into wheels and speed.


If it isn’t any evident, TGTR is an acronym for “Together” and what TGTR does is they value true car culture the way it is without any form of discrimination – means you don’t have to have the fanciest car to fit in as long as you have good driving etiquettes. What differs TGTR from the rest is that they actually identify as a community-cum-NGO, and is registered under the name of ‘Persatuan Automotif TGTR’ in Malaysia’s Registry of Societies. They run cool events with official partnerships like ‘The Meet’ x Cyber Youth Festival two thousand seventeen where petrolheads just gather around to check out cars and share the passion for it.

Two. Satria Society

Proton Satria’s are a popular choice here in Malaysia especially if you’re into the entire sports car culture and a quick look at the Satria Society’s Instagram page will showcase you why. The Satrias featured are all modified to look its best and the 38.1k followers work as solid proof to demonstrate that the Satria community is real and massive. Not so much on gatherings but more on car aesthetics, Satria Society is where you go to get #CarGoals inspiration. Expect to see a lot of high-resolution Satria pictures for your perusal and stand a chance to be featured when you use the hashtag #SATRIASOCIETY.

Three. Myvi Movement

They don’t call it Malaysia’s favourite car for no reason. Myvi Movement serves to unite all Myvi drivers and paramours, so there’s an abundance of Myvi ‘lookbooks’ on their Facebook page and Instagram that are decently crafted, aesthetically pleasing photos of some sick Myvi mods. Besides that, Myvi Movement also re-shares gathering from other car clubs like Stxyhumble Origin, Streetfamilia, and STEEZYRIDE. Their most latest big event was a collaboration with Satria Society at a multistory car park in KL with over one hundred cars present. Called #HATCHATTACK, the gathering of the two largest local car clubs was a success.

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