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Battery Bank Switches for E-Z-GO 2FIVE LSV

Club Car Announces Restyled Carryall Utility Vehicles

Redesigned E-Z-GO Freedom TXT Travels In Style

updating the model’s classic look and proven spectacle and suggesting a host of enhancements to make the vehicle even more joy for the family, whether it’s crossing the fairways of the golf course or traversing the neighborhood paths.

At the PGA Merchandise Demonstrate 2013, E-Z-GO displayed its fresh seventy two Volt AC power system which will soon be available as an option within their “Terrain” utility vehicle product line. The seventy two Volt AC power system features an Iskra motor, Curtis Instruments AC electronic speed controller, and nine eight volt batteries. Proceed reading →

With Asian markets commanding an enhancing share of the world’s manufacturing base, it’s no surprise to see fresh golf cars and electrified vehicles emerging from those regions. One such manufacturer present at the two thousand six PGA Display in Orlando is Fairplay Electrified Cars. We had the chance to meet the importer’s staff, view their vehicles on display and examine the fresh competition in the global electrified vehicle market. Proceed reading →

Year of Utility

In two thousand two Yamaha opened a fresh state of the art manufacturing facility in Newnan, GA. For two thousand three they re-vamped the steering, front suspension and power plants of their electrical & gas golf cars. As an encore, in two thousand four they have introduced a total of five fresh utility trucks. Eight if you include the three fresh offerings from Yamaha Motor Sports, all made in Newnan. This doesnt sound like a company that is going away. Proceed reading →

8th Annual Review – Chinese Golf Cars

There were no Chinese golf cars or utility type vehicles at the PGA demonstrate. But that doesn’t mean that these cars are not in the United States. In fact we were able to see, drive and test two different Chinese electrical vehicles. We still don’t know a superb deal about them but here is what we found. Proceed reading →

8th Annual Review – Model Tee Widetrack Freedom Rider

The Model Tee Widetrack Freedom Rider is manufactured by USA Golf Products, Inc in Grass Valley, CA. We reviewed this ADA golf car on their website some time ago. This was the very first year that the car was shown at the PGA Demonstrate in Orlando. We were not able to drive the car but these are our observations from the showcase. Proceed reading →

8th Annual Review – E-Z-GO

E-Z-GO Product Review two thousand four : fifty YEARS OLD!!

50 years! In one thousand nine hundred fifty four Beverly Dolan and his brother Billy founded the E-Z-GO Golf Car Company in Augusta, Georgia. Golf was on the edge of becoming a national mania and the traditional bag toting caddie system could not keep up. Proceed reading →

8th Annual Review – Columbia ParCar

Columbia ParCar introduces its latest NEV, the Summit.

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