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Thief attempts to steal bike from back of car in London, Daily Mail Online

Special: Brazen would-be thief who cycles up to car in traffic is filmed as he hurriedly attempts to steal a bike motionless to the back. but gives up when he risks losing his own set of wheels

By Sophie Inge For Mailonline 08:49 BST eighteen May 2017, updated 15:13 BST eighteen May two thousand seventeen

  • In the one-minute clip, a cyclist is captured attempting to steal a racing bike from the back of a car on Tower Bridge Road in central London
  • But he fights to keep up with the car and leaves empty passed
  • The woman driving the car believes the attempted theft was deliberate and hopes members of the public will be able to identify the man

Dashcam footage has captured the shocking moment a would-be thief attempts to steal a bicycle from the back of a car – while it shortly stops at a crimson light.

In the one-minute clip, dated Three:24pm on Sunday, a man wearing a hoodie is seen cycling behind the car as it is travels down Tower Bridge Road in central London.

When the car stops at a crossing, the cyclist seizes his chance, and starts to liquidate a racing bike from the rack at the back of the vehicle.

But time is against him. As the lights switch, the car accelerates, leaving him fighting to keep up.

As the car speeds off, a man is seen pursuing after the thief in the background.

The incident was captured by Musa, 24, the possessor of the car, who works in communications. He had been travelling home after going on a long bike rail – when the thief determined to target him.

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His gf Chloe, a 24-year-old trainee solicitor, was driving the car at the time.

She told MailOnline: ‘Musa is doing the London Revolution bike rail this weekend, so he’d just finished eighty odd miles that day. I picked him up from Lee Valley and we were driving down Tower Bridge Road.

‘There were fairly a lot of traffic lights so we kept stopping and commencing. When I noticed a boy cycling along behind me, I thought he he was a bit close to the back of the car. But I just thought he was being bimbo – because if I had to brake, then he was going to hit me.

‘I thought: well he can do what he likes – he’s only putting himself in danger.

‘The next thing I knew, we were at the last set of lights before you accelerate onto the dual carriageway, and I heard a beep from the car behind us.

‘As I looked into my rear view mirror, that’s when I eyed the cyclist twiddling the top fastening of the bike. Just then, the light went green so I began to accelerate.

‘From what I could see, the bike was still linked – so I determined to carry on because I knew he wouldn’t be able to keep up with the car.

‘He attempted to pursue us for fairly a while before providing up. Then, once we’d got a few hundred yards down the road, I pulled over because I could see the bike was slipping.’

When she got home, Chloe observed her bf’s footage of the incident and sent it to police.

She believes the attempt to steal the Mekk Primo carbon road racing was planned.

‘I think he’d been watching from somewhere – most likely because he knew there were a lot of traffic lights and I’d very likely have to stop.’

Musa, however, couldn’t bring himself to see the footage.

‘I think he was truly disappointed because he’s worked hard to get that bike and truly likes his races. And he’s had a duo of normal bikes stolen already.’

The duo hope that someone will be able to identify the thief from the film.

‘The concentrate for us is to attempt and catch the fellow – but we also want to warn other cyclists and car owners to be vigilant,’ said Chloe.

‘Musa has a lot of cycling friends who would be similarly gutted if their racing bikes were to be stolen.’

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