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RizzNews: Carjackings and Naked Fellows: Welcome to St

#RizzNews: Carjackings and Naked Studs: Welcome to St. Louis, Molester gets strike down, More bad flight news AND MORE!

Two women have been carjacked in two of St. Louis’ top neighborhoods within the past five days. Police are investigating whether the same suspects may be involved.

The most latest case happened around nine p.m. Wednesday.

The victim had just bought a brand fresh two thousand seventeen Ford Explorer. It was her bday. She’d had it for just one hour when a gunman stole it from her.

“I don’t even want to come out of my house right now. It’s truly scary,” she told Fox2/News 11, less than twenty four hours after the crime.

She had parked along the curb on the side of her house near Oleatha and Prather in the Lindenwood Park neighborhood of south St. Louis. It was just getting dark. She works as a babysitter and dreamed her fresh vehicle to be ready. The man who approached her seemed polite at very first.

“I was putting some car seats in the car. I had my head in the car. I just heard someone say, ‘Excuse me, ma’am,’” she said. “So I took my head out to see who was there. That’s when I eyed a gun pointed at me. It was pretty panicking.”

She ran down the sidewalk. Her very first instinct was to get as far away as quick as she could.

“I embarked to run away. He was like, ‘Give me your keys.’ I turned around and just threw him my keys right away,” she said. “A nice Ford Explorer: pretty nice, dark gray, all sooped up, with black wheels and everything. ”

The woman didn’t know about the carjacking a duo of miles way near Nagel and Clifton in the St. Louis Hills neighborhood just five days earlier.

A 56-year-old woman was carjacked in her carport around midnight, police said. Neighbors woke up to her screaming. Her two thousand fifteen blue Toyota Camry was stolen.

In both cases, it shows up a 2nd suspect in a white car dropped off the carjacker, police said.

“If it happens, obey and do what they say,” Wednesday’s victim said. “I could have been shot; who knows. I’m not going to let this rip me apart because I know this is a good community we live in.”

Police described the carjacker as an African-American man, inbetween twenty and twenty five years of age, with brief hair, and wearing an aqua-colored t-shirt, and light-colored cut-offs. There’s no description of the 2nd suspect driving the white car.

Police searching for naked man walking around St. Peters park

St. Peters Police are urging the public to be on the lookout for a man who was seen walking around naked.

The incident happened in Sports Center Park on N. Service Road in St. Peters on July five at approximately four p.m.

The man exposed himself to a female in the area, according to police, and left the scene prior to police arriving.

He has yet to be identified, but he is described as a white masculine inbetween the ages of forty and 50-years-old, slender build with light brown hair with a little grey.

The man had a full-size green pickup truck with a silver and crimson sticker on the tailgate.

Anyone with information about the identity of this man is asked to call St. Peters Police at 636-278-2244 or the anonymous Crime Solvers Hotline at 636-278-1000.

Missouri man accused of molesting toddler while babysitting

A suburban Kansas City, Missouri, man is jailed on $250,000 bond after being accused of molesting a duo’s 1-year-old doll he was babysitting before being pummeled by the damsel’s father.

KMBC-TV (http://bit.ly/2szKnqf ) reports that Clay County prosecutors have charged 26-year-old Jayson Newlun with statutory sodomy.

Court documents allege that Newlun was babysitting the toddler June thirty when the chick’s parents returned to the home to retrieve something when the mother found Newlun taking an inappropriate photo of the doll and molesting her.

After the mother ran to get notify her hubby, the spouse repeatedly punched Newlun and hit him with a dresser drawer before a neighbor intervened.

Online court records don’t display whether Newlun has an attorney.

Delta flight security incident leaves three injured

A Delta Air Lines flight turned back after takeoff from Seattle to Beijing on Thursday night following a “security incident” in the very first class cabin.

Initial information indicated an unruly passenger attempted to inject the jet’s cockpit, according to two people briefed on the incident.

But Port of Seattle Airport spokesman Perry Cooper said the plane turned back after a passenger attacked a flight attendant in the very first class cabin. He said the incident took place in the front part of the twin-aisle aircraft, in the very first class cabin.

The flight turned back as it was flying over the western coast of Canada.

The Hot Plastic Surgery Trend This Summer Is Having Your Nips Done, So You Look Better Bra-less

I’ve got a message for the ladies. If you go bra-less this summer with just a skinny, half-see-through T-shirt covering you, NO stud will complain if your chest anatomy isn’t ideally symmetrical. They’ll stare no matter what.

Evidently the hot fresh plastic surgery trend this summer is having your Puffies fine-tuned and realigned, so you look better in a T-shirt with no hooter-sling.

A plastic surgeon in Fresh York says the number of nipple-jobs he does has EXPLODED over the last few months. He usually averages four a week, and now it’s more like 20.

The most common nipple-related issues women want to address include making them smaller . . . making them lighter . . . making them flatter, so they don’t stick out as much . . . and making them look more symmetrical.

Evidently it’s due to the entire no-bra trend gaining steam. Women are attempting to measure up to celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Rihanna, who go bra-less a lot.

But don’t feel like there’s anything WRONG with you if your puffies don’t fairly line up. That’s the case for about 75% of women. So it’s actually way more NORMAL to be a little asymmetrical than it is to have ideal nip symmetry.

There’s a Fresh Flavor of Pringles . . . Top Ramen

If there’s ever been a point in your life where you survived off Top Ramen and cheap potato chips, this is Indeed going to speak to you.

Pringles just released a fresh limited edition flavor of chips . . . that taste like Top Ramen chicken.

They’re exclusively on sale at Dollar General stores, which is Indeed fitting . . . and a can costs $1.50.

How Do You Pronounce the Word “Reese’s”? The Internet Is Split

We know there’s a debate over whether it’s car-a-mel or CAR-mel . . . coo-pon or queue-pon . . . and peh-KAN or PEE-kan. But here’s one I didn’t realize: Reese’s.

There’s a debate going on right now across the Internet about whether it’s Ree-cees . . . or Ree-sis. One woman put up a poll on Twitter, and after almost 200,000 votes, Ree-sis is leading Ree-cees, 61% to 39%.

Reese’s itself is being totally unhelpful, by the way . . . someone tweeted them to ask for the response, and they responded, quote, “Just like there’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s, there’s no wrong way to pronounce Reese’s.” Thanks, guys.

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